Adalbert H. LHOTA




Experienced and panic-proof


1966 - At Bertelsmann, he becomes senior sales manager for several sales organizations – then as the youngest executive with power of attorney company-wide


1970 - Coordination of the setup of a cosmetics line with a sales force of 2000 in Germany and the Netherlands for Preussag (today: TUI)


1973 - At Sandoz, Lhota becomes head of franchising for the company’s John Valentine and Club Vitatop subsidiaries with branches across Europe


1982 - Independent consultant in the automotive industry, mainly working for large international corporations


1989 - Switch to the AvD German motorists association. Initially hired to combat an acute crisis, he stayed on board for 16 years as CEO and driver of the association’s development to become an innovative service provider. In this time, member numbers tripled to more than 1.2 million and 900 German as well as 3000 European service partners were integrated into the service network, which was also extended by adding new services such as a 24h call center, new branches and many new international cooperation ventures.


Since 2007: Independent business consultant

Working as founder and President of Cosmopolitan Consulting AG as well as of GBC Global Business Consulting AG and ICA International Consulting AG (since 2011) and providing consulting and management services for various European projects


In addition, since March 2011 Lhota acts as director of Swarovski Holding AG and serves as central consultant to the advisory and executive boards of the Swarovski companies.